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Introducing Air, an exquisite collection of all-natural, essential oil-based linen and room eau de parfum sprays, meticulously crafted with the finest globally sourced ingredients. Transform the ambiance of every space in your home with Air’s versatile range. Whether spritzed on towels and linens, used as a refreshing air freshener, or lightly sprayed in closets and drawers, these sprays infuse a sense of serenity and freshness.

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Essential oils are the essence of our unique linen and room sprays; each blend is thoughtfully crafted to infuse your living spaces with nature’s finest aromas.

Zesty lemon, warming clove, refreshing wintergreen, and invigorating grapefruit oils come together to create an atmosphere of revitalization and purity reminiscent of a refreshing Sunday morning.

The calming notes of Dutch lavender and the earthiness of cedarwood transport you to a serene winter garden.

For a touch of nostalgia and warmth, the spicy scents of clove bud, orange, cinnamon, and nutmeg evoke cherished family gatherings.

These natural, aromatic blends are designed not just to scent your home but to transform it into a haven of comfort and tranquility.

how to use

Shake well and spray a fine mist into the air, onto linens, in closets or drawers, aiming away from the face and eyes.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

WARNING: Keep out of the reach of pets and children and away from flammable objects. Do not spray on skin or delicate surfaces. Contact with the product may cause irritation. Keep away from high temperatures.

discover your favorite scent

Winter Garden

This spray is an ode to the tranquility and beauty of a winter garden, bringing its peaceful essence into your home.

Sunday Morning

A blend of scents that creates an atmosphere of revitalization and purity for those seeking a natural, way to enliven their home.

Family Gatherings

This spray is a celebration of family, love, and shared memories, designed to make your home a haven of warmth and togetherness.